Beethoven Violin Concerto: Ricardo Muti conducts Anne-Sophie Mutter & Luigi Cherubini Youth Orchestra

Date:25/03/2015 20:00 Ages: Price:350/250/125 AED Type:Violin Concerto Location:Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Continuing its tradition of welcoming the finest maestros of the world to Abu Dhabi, Festival 2015 sees the great Riccardo Muti conduct the orchestra he founded, the Luigi Cherubini Youth Orchestra.
Riccardo Muti is one of the pre-eminent conductors of our day. He has led some of the world’s finest orchestras and is currently Music Director of the world-renowned Chicago Symphony Orchestra as well as Director of the Luigi Cherubini Youth Orchestra, which he founded in 2004. He is a prolific recording artist and is the recipient of numerous honours, titles and awards. The peerless German violin virtuoso Anne-Sophie Mutter, known for her immersive and emotional playing, and impeccable technique, performs the Beethoven Violin Concerto, one of her signature pieces. Beautiful, exquisite and sublime, the concerto is a technical and emotional challenge for soloists, and a favourite of the repertoire. The programme also includes Rossini’s powerful, popular Overture to William Tell and Schubert’s masterful, melodic Symphony No 4.

The Programme

ROSSINI Overture to William Tell
SCHUBERT Symphony No.4


BEETHOVEN Violin Concerto

Pre-concert Talk: 7.00 pm

‘Muti had the orchestra almost floating on air.’ – Chicago Sun-Times
“When [Mutter] lets her turbocharged sound roar fully out, you feel it almost physically.” – The Washington Post

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