Mozart’s the Magic Flute – Interactive Opera for Children

Date:10/04/2015 18:00 Ages: Price: Type:Opera Location:Royal Opera House, Muscat, Oman

Children are promised wonderful, unforgettable experience through the operatic show “The Magic Flute” with additional Omani interactive touches perfect for children and families.

The opera is produced by AsLiCo; one of the pioneer European theater companies specializing in producing opera projects for the young and discovering new youth opera talents. Mozart’s The Magic Flute is sure to fascinate the audience with its magical story, wonderful acting, colorful and diverse costumes, mime performances, choir singing, and other rich elements that make up this fantastic production. Mozart’s genius is notably reflected in the wonderful tunes and particularly in the amazing vocal pyrotechni of the Queen of the Night, in addition to great performances by the fairyland (or fantas land) characters.

If that wasn’t enough the Royal Opera House Muscat adds Omani flair and an innovative touch by making the show interactive; an experience not to be missed.

Germany opera in two acts KV 620
Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Libretto by Emanuel Schikaneder
Tamino Matteo Mezzaro / Ugo Tarquini
Pamina Ulpiana Aliaj
Queen of the night Larissa Alice Wissel / Sonia Ciani Sarastro /
armigero Mert Eryüksel
Papageno Carlo Checchi / Riccardo Fassi
Papagena Coralie Destrijcker
Dama Lucrezia Drei
Monostatos / armigero Saverio Pugliese / Ugo Tarquini
Oratori / Bulli / Animali della foresta

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