Don Giovanni Performed by Opéra de Lyon

Date:24/11/2016 19:00 Ages: Price:10 OMR + Type:Opera Location:ROHM, Muscat, Oman


A wonderful melodrama with supernatural elements and humorous undercurrents, Mozart’s 1787 masterpiece opera, Don Giovanni is based on the legend of the notorious nobleman, Don Juan, a licentious and insatiable seducer of women. With disguises and clever strategies, the arrogant and stealthy Don Giovanni walks a thin line between capture and triumphant deception. Don Giovanni lures his attendant, Leporello into his nefarious exploits, exchanging clothes with him to facilitate more unconscionable seductions.

However, all does not end well for Don Giovanni, as eventually his destructive misdeeds catch up with him. The libretto is in Italian and the full title of the opera is Il Dissoluto Punito, Ossia il Don Giovanni, literally The Rake Punished, or Don Giovanni. The music for Mozart’s brilliant score will be led by the prominent conductor Stefano Montanari.

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