Classical Crooners at Solis Beach Club

Date:29/09/2016 19:45 Ages: Price:235-375 AED Type:Opera Location:Solis Restaurant, Tiara Beach Residences, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Dear Music Friends, Book the date of 29th Sep at Solis Beach club – Tiara Residences – Palm Jumeirah

Our show from Opera, Musical,Crossover,Jazz,Crooners,Swing,Pop to Dance : the Classical Crooner show ( ) The one and only in Dubai.

With our Great Team ;

Guzel Teymour-Ganieva – Russia Diva Soprano
You Hoste – South -Korea
Sandrine Le Biavant – france
Linda Behringer – Germany
Wim Hoste – Belgium CLassical Crooner

MC Els Huybrechts – Belgiu
Sound ; Dariusz Barwiński

Hosted by Benjamin Vaz
Reservations : 04/432 98 48

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