Christmas Under The Stars

Date:8/12/2016 19:30 Ages:Any Price: Type:Opera Location:Maison Nahhas-Belbelian, Dubai, UAE

The Emirates Opera Project
cordially invites you to
Christmas Under The Stars
The 5th Annual Garden Party
Thursday, December 8th 2016
Maison Nahhas-Belbelian
Al Safa 1, Street 14D, Villa 67
7:30 pm

SMS 050 56 47 184
by December 5th

Join The Emirates Opera Project for Christmas Under The Stars!

Get into the Christmas spirit with a feast of Christmas Musical Delights performed under the stars with Traditional, Classical, Sacred, Popular Christmas Songs and Carols, performed by the singers of The Emirates Opera Project.

The Emirates Opera Project is a group of Opera singers living in the UAE who have come together through their passion for singing, and wish to share this love for Opera by providing you with highly artistic, cultural musical performances.

This is non-commercial concert for family, friends and lovers of classical music. Come and celebrate this festive season with us, and enjoy our seasonal beverages, minced pies & chestnuts which will be served throughout the evening.

Date: December 8th, 2016
Time: 7:30pm – concert starts promptly at 8:00pm

The Emirates Opera Project

Maison Nahhas-Belbelian
Al Safa 1, Street 14D, Villa 67

Christine Belbelian
Opera Singer, Vocal Coach & Piano Teacher.
Founder of The Emirates Opera Project
Mobile: +971 50 56 47 184

PO Box 51763
Al Safa 1, Street 14D, Villa 67
Dubai – UAE

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