Julien Libeer, Piano

Date:13/03/2015 20:00 Ages: Price:100 AED Type:Piano Recital Location:Emirates Palace, M031, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Juventus Prize winner, Julien has been described as one of the most remarkable musical personalities of the young generation. He has appeared in major venues across Europe and will soon debut at London’s Barbican Centre and Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw. Since 2011, he has been refining his talent at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, Belgium (an ADMAF International Partner), under the direction of Abdel Rahman El Bacha and Maria João Pires.

Presented in partnership with the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, Belgium.

The Festival Recital Series: Enhancing its longstanding commitment to youth music, in 2015 Abu Dhabi Festival launches a brand new series of recitals by award-winning young laureates of classical music. Presented with selected ADMAF international strategic cultural partners, these intimate concerts offer a unique opportunity to experience tomorrow’s global virtuosos. During their visit to the UAE capital, these outstanding musicians will also engage and inspire Abu Dhabi’s talented young musicians through workshops in schools, universities and music centres.

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