The Love of Chunhyang – Universal Ballet of Korea

Date:16/04/2015 19:30 Ages: Price:Various Type:Ballet Location:Royal Opera House, Muscat, Oman

Following the huge success of their first visit, the Universal Ballet of Korea returns this time with the tale of Chunhyang. One of Korea’s most popular stories, passed down in the form of pansori (a Korean epic storytelling tradition), it tells the story of the love of a dancer’s daughter for the son of an aristocrat. As we might expect, the path of love does not run smoothly at first but finally we arrive at a happy ending. Universal Ballet of Korea has won international praise for its combination of Korean folklore and classical ballet.

Universal Ballet’s The Love of Chunhyang was adapted from Junghye Bae’s production Chunhyang in dance created for the Korean National Dance Company Music: P.I. Tchaikovsky, arranged arranged for Universal Ballet Choreography: Brian Yoo (Bingxian Liu) Assistant Choreographer: Evgeny Neff Costume Designer: Jeong-Woo Lee Set Design: Myungho Kim Lighting Design: Kyungwon Seo Running Time: 1 hour 45 minutes Origins of the Chunhyang Story The tale of Chunhyang is one of Korea’s the most popular stories passed down in the form of pansori, a Korean epic storytelling tradition. The story is a tale of the love between Chunhyang, the daughter of a gisaeng (dancer/entertainer) and Mongnyong, son of a local aristocrat. When Mongnyong has to go away, the new governor tries to force Chunhyang to be his private entertainer. When she refuses, he threatens to kill her, and she is saved byMongnyong when he returns just in time.

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